The Maritime Labour Convention is an international treaty that sets minimum standards for the working and living conditions of seafarers. It covers areas such as food and catering, hours of work, access to medical care, and shipboard living conditions. The Convention is designed to protect seafarers rights and to improve their working and living conditions.

The program provides an outline of the purpose of the Convention, what it contains and how it works. Implementation and enforcement are dealt with in some detail. The Program encourages thought and understanding about what the Convention means for the individual and their role within their organization.

  • Module A: Background to the MLC, 2006 and the Maritime Context
  • Module B: The Articles of the MLC, 2006
  • Module C: Flag State Ispection and Certification
  • Module D: Tile1: Minimum Requirements for Seafarers to work on a ship
  • Module E: Title 2. Conditions of Employment
  • Module F: Title 3: Accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering
  • Module G: Title 4: Health protection, medical care, welfare and social security
  • Module H: Complaints under Title 5 of the MLC 2006
  • Module I: Port Sate Control under Title 5 of the MLC 2006
  • Documentation requirements under the MLC
  • Passport, CDC, INDOS & COC
  • 2 Passport size colored photographs

After successful completion of course, certificate will be issued to the participant.




1 day