This course is designed for individuals who need to enter and work in confined spaces. It provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to safely enter and work in confined spaces. The course covers the identification of confined spaces, the hazards associated with confined spaces, and the controls that should be in place to mitigate those hazards. Participants will also learn about the entry procedures that should be followed when entering a confined space.

The Entry into Enclosed Spaces Course has been developed in Accordance with MNTB Guidelines. The training is intended to meet to requirements set out in The Merchant Shipping (Entry into Dangerous Spaces) Regulations 1988, IMO Resolutions A.864 (20) and the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen.

  • Recognise potential dangerous enclosed spaces onboard a vessel.
  • Complete a typical enclosed space entry Permit to Work.
  • Carry out safe testing of an atmosphere prior to entry using typical industry test equipment, including knowledge of its maintenance & testing/ calibration requirements.
  • Carry out a safe enclosed space entry.
  • Carry out self rescue from an enclosed space.
  • Carry out the role of a safety attendant.
  • Passport, CDC, INDOS & COC
  • 2 Passport size colored photographs

After successful completion of course, certificate will be issued to the participant.




1 day