Able Seafarer Engine Course bundle includes the courses covering the required training for application for an endorsement as an Able Seafarer Engine, in accordance with Section A-III/5 of the STCW Code*. 180 days of sea service are required to qualify for the Able Seafarer Engine endorsement per the STCW Code requirements.

  • Practical Marine Engineering and Seamanship.
  • Terms used in machinery spaces and names of machinery and equipment.
  • Engine-room watchkeeping procedures.
  • Engine room Workshop Safety.
  • Working with emergency equipment.
  • Shipboard emergency procedures.
  • Personal Safety at sea.
  • Actions to prevent injury.
  • Personal protective and other protective equipment.
  • Environmental protection Procedures.
  • Use of appropriate internal communication system.
  • Engine-room alarm systems.
  • Operate emergency equipment and apply emergency procedures.
  • Knowledge of emergency duties.
  • Escape routes from machinery spaces.